Applications under Consideration

When addressing the LBS domain as a whole, one should be aware of the widest diversity of applications and user entities. As a result, the LBS user community is defined as a gathering of various different applications and solutions, with different business models and different potential business interests. One main effort of AGILE will be to carefully analyse the LBS community and organise it in terms of groups of applications (AG). This will be done by characterising each of these groups in terms of solutions, business perspectives and major actors, whilst defining promising applications that will benefit from the introduction of Galileo and EGNOS. The objective of the AGILE project, in terms of technical activity and application demonstration, is to focus on pedestrian mobility in the urban environment.

The characteristics and requirements of each application, in each of the groups and categories, vary significantly. Further, the lifecycle and business models for delivery of each application diversify too. GNSS, and EGNOS/Galileo in particular, must contend with this issue. For the purposes of initial investigations, the following four prime categories are considered:

Trigger Services

  • Location-sensitive billing
  • Geomarketing (automated advertising, proximity coupons, etc.)
  • Public announcements
  • m-commerce security
  • Next-generation call routing
  • Tolls & Ticketing

Information Services

  • Mobile (wireless) internet
  • Logistics management
  • Local weather information
  • Traffic information
  • Tourism services
  • Mobile customer information services

Tracking Services

  • Fleet management
  • Find-a-friend, child, pet, etc.
  • Buddy service
  • Asset tracking
  • Public safety/security dispatching
  • Personnel safety (lone workers, hazardous environments)
  • Personal Safety
  • Offender control

Assistance Services

  • Emergency notification
  • Vehicle roadside assistance
  • Health/medical related location information
  • CRM-related location info
  • Enhancement of business processes (incl. B2B)