Project Objectives

Location Based Services for personal mobility have for some time been recognised as the primary future market for Galileo in terms of the number of users and potential revenue. Previous GNSS/Galileo activities in this field have focused, primarily, on emergency services and professional applications. The challenge of the AGILE – Application of Galileo in the LBS Environment – project is to address the overall LBS mass-market, focusing on all aspects (marketing, institutional, technical) that may facilitate the acceptance and success of EGNOS and Galileo based solutions from the perspective of delivering profitable business returns.

The activities leading to the successful achievement of AGILE objectives are:

  • To precisely characterise the LBS market in terms of classes of applications (Application Groups), and to deeply analyse and assess the service enablers for each of these AGs (decision makers, major European actors, non European competitors, business perspectives, social aspects, institutional aspects, value chain, IPR, revenues,…) in order to provide the Galileo authorities with reliable market segment feedback, to evaluate Galileo/EGNOS added value for each group of applications, and propose recommendations to improve the business perspectives of Galileo within the relevant applications.
  • For each class of LBS application, to link its potential business perspectives with the Galileo concession, and to evaluate the potential of Galileo to generate a self-sustained revenue stream for all actors in the LBS delivery chain.
  • To consolidate rationalisation and standardisation in GI sector as a major enabler for wide and low-cost usage of embedded applications.
  • To contribute to the constant effort (on-going with previous projects) on horizontal activities (standardisation, regulation, legislation, service provision) as a major enabler for service take off.
  • To promote the potential of LBS for personal mobility through open forums, technical demonstrations, awareness and training activities.
  • With regard to demonstration, to implement a LBS demonstration platform for promoting and showcasing the potential of EGNOS-based and Galileo-based LBS applications for personal mobility, within the professional actors.