Success Factors

The key success factors for this project are:

  • Innovative ideas based on the further development and integration of state-of-the-art geo-location technology.
  • A solution that merges technical innovations with a proven business model based on current and projected LBS market conditions.
  • Integration of GNSS technology into a user terminal with features representative of mass-market production units.
  • An architecture design that extracts maximum benefit of the capabilities of GNSS, in general, and EGNOS/Galileo in particular, while fully compatible within the core telecommunications infrastructure of wireless network operators.
  • A selection process of key applications based on the detailed analysis of successful services, lessons learned, available literature and a focused business evaluation.
  • A business development and service provision plan based on strict commercial criteria.
  • A detailed evaluation of the non-technical risks and enablers (regulatory, standards, social) influencing the uptake of GNSS-enhanced LBS.