The Strategy

The AGILE solution places emphasis on the LBS enablers that will foster the development of GNSS based LBS applications for the mass market. The ultimate objective is to proceed and consolidate the overall roadmap and actions that will efficiently bring Galileo-based, value-added applications to reality, for the benefit of users (pedestrian users in their every day life) and investors. The driving elements of AGILE activities are twofold:

1. In the context of fierce competition with US companies, AGILE will consolidate the position of the European LBS industry in the emerging LBS domain and develop pre-commercial EGNOS-based applications.

2. In the context of medium term Galileo deployment, AGILE will pave the way for the successful take-off of Galileo-based LBS applications.

  • Analysis Strategy
  • System Definition Strategy
  • Prototyping and Integration Strategy
  • Production Strategy
  • Verification and Validation Strategy
  • Demonstration Strategy
  • Awareness and Promotion Strategy