AGILE technical activities are driven by the demonstration objectives. These are aimed at promoting EGNOS/Galileo specific interests in locating people wherever they are (which for 80% of European citizens means in the urban environment). AGILE innovation consists in demonstrating how EGNOS/Galileo can efficiently complement the existing network-based location solution, to provide the level of performances required for the LBS services not currently covered by GPS-based technology. The demonstration of Galileo improved availability (versus GPS) in urban environment (inc. indoor) will be demonstrated through 3D simulations calibrated under real GPS measurement campaigns. Within the GNSS technology, effort will be put in improving interoperability (network roaming, User Plane standards, enhanced network synchronisation, dynamic management of network elements).

Therefore AGILE identifies the following main objectives for the demonstration.

  • To facilitate the dissemination and promotion of the EGNOS/Galileo benefits and added-values with respect to the current GPS solution;
  • To involve and promote awareness for all the main actors, decision makers, investors, institutions, regulators, industries, service and data providers around the use of GNSS technology in the LBS sector;
  • To present the results and benefits achieved during each phase of the AGILE project;

The important overall factor of the demonstrations shall be that they are organized and delivered in a way that highlights how the high precision location that will be provided using AGILE technologies and Galileo (with eventually the support of specific Local Elements) is a strong enabler of new services within the LBS environment.