The applications that can be built over terminal location are almost infinite: they range from the answer to the question “Where am I ?” (fundamental in emergency situations) to complex scenarios like location-sensitive billing. From a business perspective, applications can be grouped under three main categories as illustrated by the following diagram.

The European Commission has adopted in July 2003 a recommendation that will help the emergency services locate people who call them using the pan-European emergency number 112 that can be dialled in all EU Member States.

Law Enforcement Tracking and Personal Security are applications of strong interest to government departments, law-enforcement agencies and private security companies.

Geo-Marketing basically means using geographic information in the process of planning and implementation of marketing activities. Geo-Advertising means using geographic information/context to “deliver” advertising to a specific group of customers.

Call Location-Sensitive Billing is a direct example of the benefits that can be achieved by using positioning combined with communication systems.